Dedicated Business Support & Training

Dedicated Business Support & Training

What is the Navigator Program?


Delaware’s Community Navigator Pilot Program is driven to connect entrepreneurs with community organizations and specialized support as they grow their small businesses.  

Each entrepreneur’s story is different – start developing your personal roadmap to business success while matched with an expert business advisor, or “Navigator” 

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Our Navigator network offers a wide range of seminars, events, training programs, and more, both in-person, virtually, and on-location at events in each county.  

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Whether you are a seasoned businessperson or just breaking into the entrepreneurial space, allow the Navigator program to connect you with resources, mentors, and peers. 

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Who is in the Navigator Network?

YOU: Delaware’s Entrepreneurs

Specifically designed to support historically underrepresented communities, our program offers Delaware’s individual entrepreneurs education, training, advising, networking, and more!

Interested in Joining the Program?

  • Are you part of an  Underrepresented Community?
  • Are you or your business in Delaware?
  • Interested in launching or growing a business?


Our partners offer events, advising, support services, and more to each member of our network:

  • United Way of Delaware
  • Independent Resources, Inc.
  • Delaware’s “Main Street” Network
  • Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce
  • State of Delaware Division of Small Business
  • State of Delaware Office of Supplier Diversity

THE HUB: Delaware SBDC

With 40+ years serving small businesses, our Delaware SBDC is “hub” for the Navigator Program. 

Work directly with a Navigator Advisor for 1:1 support while learning about events, training sessions, and partnerships as you develop your business.  

“Samira and the Delaware Navigator Program Team have been very instrumental in getting my business to where we are today. We still have a lot of work to do prior to opening but they have been guiding me every step of the way. I am a new entrepreneur who can honestly say that working with this team and leveraging their experience has proven to be so valuable. Amazing program that most people didn’t know we needed until it arrived!”

“I’m grateful for the support and guidance that I received throughout the process from the Business Advisor, and the necessary tools and resources, to overcome setbacks and restart with confidence. This experience taught me to seek help when needed, utilize available resources that are unknown to many small businesses and never give up on your goals.”

“The Delaware SBDC was selected… as one of only eleven recipients of a $2.5M Navigator Grant… DSBDC’s Navigator Pilot Program will help level the playing field for Delaware’s underserved entrepreneurs, especially people of color, individuals with disabilities, and business owners in rural and low-income communities.”  

“This program has been such a great discovery for our business. We are so much more organized and know how to set our business up for success. We are walking through many of the steps now and it has been so rewarding and has moved our business into places we weren’t considering opening up to.”

“I was SO glad I stumbled upon this program for new business owners! Samira has been such an asset. My husband and I both come from public service careers, so small business ownership is new to us. We really needed someone to bounce ideas off of, discuss the basics, review some of our budget projections, etc. As a start-up we likely wouldn’t have paid for this service, not realizing what a difference it can make. I’m glad we have access to this assistance.”

“SBDC has helped me take business planning to another level. It’s helped me plan, budget, and execute new ideas. We’ve been able to add additional services to our business and avoid pitfalls as we expand. I also appreciate the advisor’s time in listening to me and then making helpful suggestions.”